Friday, June 26, 2015

Chapter 2.2 Botched Cakes, Babies, and Betrayals

Charlotte: Hey Dad! Meet my fiance, Thomas! Thomas, this is my dad.

Thomas: Nice to meet ya, sir!

Rowan: *mockingly* Ooh, look at me! I'm a cowboy because I wear a hat and boots and I'm all tall and tan and stuff!

Thomas: *mockingly* Ooh, well I'm an alien, and I take naps in my swim trunks all day because I spend all night in the pool!

Rowan: Touche'.

Charlotte: *rolls eyes*

Well, THIS relationship is off to a good start. :/

Last chapter we witnessed these two lovebirds getting engaged to be married! Since it was already a little late, I decided to have their wedding party the next day.

Charlotte actually got a call from Thomas just a few hours after he went home, asking if she'd like to go out on a date. Uh, yes!

Looks like he took her to the Rattlesnake Bar (or whatever it's called),

... which is apparently where ALL the Young Adults (and a very awkward Alexander Goth) decided to hang out. I would ask where they were when I was trying to find a potential spouse, but I was looking for a guy, and Alexander wasn't exactly what I had in mind. :/

Charlotte: Not a bad choice in venue, I must say.

Thomas: Only for you, baby!

They boogied the night away, awkwardness be damned. Unfortunately, I think the date clock mechanic in the game got bugged, because it would show the timer, but not any of the goals. When the time was up, I got the message that Thomas never wanted to see her again, lol. I'd have been worried except it made no impact whatsoever on their relationship, so I just got a good giggle out of it and moved on.

Looks like it's a certain founder's birthday!

Morgan: That's because I'm awesome.

I love that you can still see me, even though I can't control you anymore.

Morgan: I'm watching you, Watcher. Aaaaalllllllllwaaaaayyysss waaatchiiiiiiing....


Charlotte: Where did these confetti flies come from??

Rowan: *sigh*

Morgan: Oh yeah, still awesome.

Even in her golden years, she looks fantastic. ^_^

Morgan: *texting* just letting u no i am retiring effective 2day. i am nevar coming back evar. L8er LOOZERZ!

Ok, so maybe she was just playing a game, but she did actually retire right after her birthday (How awesome would that be to retire via text? Totally awesome, I know.)

Charlotte: Sweetie! What are you doing here? You know it's bad luck to see the bride in her dress before the wedding!

Thomas: I know, but I just had this awesome joke that I couldn't wait to tell you! So, how many plums does it take to screw in a light bulb?

Charlotte: Ugh fine, ok, I'll bite. How many plums does it take to screw in a light bulb?

Thomas: No one knows; the forums keep replacing them with "plum"!

Charlotte: .... that was terrible.

Thomas: It was a little funny. :P

So I bought this special large bar for the bartender to use, and where does he choose to go?

Martin: Photobomb, ftw.

That's right; the teeny tiny bar in the dining room. Because that was obviously the better choice. *head desk*

Hey, at least everyone is actually doing what they're supposed to do. Bob Pancakes here got busy in the kitchen as soon as he arrived.

Just look at that beautiful... birthday... cake. With a wedding topper.

Well, his specialty is pancakes, not wedding cakes, after all.

It was finally time for the ceremony! Pay no attention to the swim suit-clad mother of the bride. I swear, these sims become obsessed with the pool the minute they retire.

Morgan: I've been controlled all my life, dammit! If I wanna wear a swim suit to a wedding, I'm wearing a swim suit to a wedding!

And crotchety. o_O


Thomas: Charlotte, my beautiful desert blossom, will you take this cowboy to be your husband?

Charlotte: Hee hee! I do!

Charlotte: Which this ring, I pledge my love and devotion to you until death do us part.

Thomas: *whispers* Um, I think the ring is stuck....

Charlotte: *whispers* Shh, just go with it....

By the power vested in me, I pronounce you both husband and wife!

I would make a snide comment about Rowan's lack of formal attire, but at least he's not in a bathing suit *glares pointedly at Morgan*

Morgan: *sing-songy* Suck iiiiiiiiiit!

Morgan: ... Is this a confetti cake?

Close. It's a birthday cake. With a wedding topper!

Morgan: I'm gonna kill Bob.

Calm down, Bridezilla. At least it's not a pancake.

This would be an adorable picture if the plate hadn't disappeared, leaving Charlotte with a painfully flat-looking hand.

Charmas: *gagging each other with forks*

Martin: See, this is how my dad taught me to boogie. You gotta raise your hands up in the air like you just don't care.

Johnny Zest: Weirdos.

Charlotte: Nah, it's more like a grind-shuffle mix, like this.

Martin: Weirdo.

Johnny Zest: Now *those* are some sweet moves.

They're sleep schedule is all out of whack now, so Morgan and Rowan passed out on the bed before the wedding party was even over. I'm just glad they chose the right bed.

Charlotte: Now that the wedding is all over, you know what time it is?

Thomas: Ooh ooh, I know this! Woohoo timez?

Charlotte: *wink*

Charmas: WOOHOO!!!

And since it was their first time doing it, they got a pretty impressive fireworks display at the end. Heh heh.

Morgan was kind enough to make some fruit parfait and deliver it to their room first thing the next morning. Though that could have something to do with there being absolutely no counter space left down stairs.

So remember how Bob Pancakes was actually doing his job in the kitchen yesterday?

Yeah, he did a little too well. He was a cooking machine, cranking out an endless supply of entrees to the point where he was just pulling ingredients from the fridge, then placing them in random places throughout the house when he couldn't find a counter to prepare them on. 

Thomas: Dude. This is the most epic pile of dirty dishes I have ever collected. Almost as good as the biggest deuce I ever dumped.

It took him well over an hour just to collect all the dishes, though thankfully it didn't take as long to wash them. The fact that this was the first thing he did upon waking up in this household was a good sign.

Charlotte: Mmm mm, this parfait is so good! Why am I so hungry?

Morgan: Maybe you should go take the test.

Charlotte: A test? But I didn't study! I don't even have a No. 2 pencil!

Morgan: Um, not that kind of test.


Charlotte: Ooooohhhhhhhhhhhh.

We've got a baby on the way! And on the first try too!

Charlotte: Yes! These confetti flies always show up when something awesome happens!

It's a good thing you're adorable.

Charlotte: Guess what, sweetie? I'm pregnant!

Thomas: Yeehaw! I'm happier than a tornado in a trailer park!

Pregnancy didn't slow this gal down for a minute. She spent plenty of time tending and evolving her garden.

Morgan: You can do it! Grow little sparkly mushrooms, grow!

.... Did we not learn anything from the last time we had sparkly shrooms?

The autonomous PDA gets me every time. I just love these two so much. ^_^

Rowan: Don't forget about us!

Morgan: Yeah, we're awesome too!

I'm sorry, I couldn't hear anything over Rowan's newly acquired six-pack. Damn.

Charlotte: Aww, who's a good widdle fishy? You're a good widdle fishy! *flaps fish around*

She's a special snowflake, I know.

So I didn't figure this out until later, but apparently there was no trash can on the lot to empty the trash into (oops), so Rowan had gone to the trash bins at the park next door to empty the kitchen trash into, and ended up stuck over there. He even spent the night on the park bench, refusing to come home on his own.

*head desk*

It wasn't until he made food for himself the next day, and was in a bad mood because of low hygiene, that I eventually caved and used his once-allowed directed action per age stage to send him home. He was in his last days of life, and I didn't want him spending them away from family.

Charlotte: *BLEEEEEECCCCHHH* *burp*

Ok, maybe I get why he wanted to stay out of the house.

Charlotte: *groan* Ugh, puke by-product...

Awww, sibling hugz. ^_^

D'awww! These two may pick on each other a lot, but they actually have a great relationship.

Rowan: *mock impression* Hi, I'm Thomas, and I swim in my blue jeans because I'm a herp-a-derp derp head!

Martin: Heh heh, good one Dad.

Rowan: Nailed it.

After Martin left, his wife Bella actually knocked on the door, so I thought, what the heck? Let's invite her in.

I should have never answered that door...

... because she immediately flirted with Rowan! And I'm guessing he reciprocated, because Morgan was ANGRY.

Morgan: First you watch me get abducted by your own people, then you flirt with this chick right in front of me?? ARE YOU KIDDING RIGHT NOW???

Rowan: Whoa whoa! I don't know what you're talking about!

Bella: Hey handsome...

Poor Rowan took a massive tongue-lashing, while Bella just grinned the whole time like a little homewrecker. I think Charlotte was in shock as to what to do, lol.

Charlotte: Mom, Dad's pretty old now. I think maybe he just got you and Bella mixed up...

Morgan: How the plum could he get me mixed up with that little tramp??

Charlotte: C'mon, Mom! You've loved him your whole life, and he still loves you! You're going to miss him terribly when he's gone.

Morgan: Well, he has always been a little crazy...

Charlotte: That's the spirit!

I cannot believe Bella's face right now. >_<

Charlotte: Sooooo, I need to you to leave now.

Bella: Oh my! Did I do something wrong?

Charlotte: Well, first of all, you're feigning innocence, so you can just cut the bull crap. Secondly, you hit on my dad in front of my mom. Not cool. And thirdly, you're my brother's wife. Super inappropes.

Bella: Oh I'm so sorry! I had no idea--

Charlotte: Just get out. Now.

I kicked Bella out, but Rowan and Morgan's relationship took a massive hit from that one single flirtatious action, dropping their status from soulmates to lovebirds. That pissed me off to no end.

Charlotte: Ugh, I don't feel so good.

Morgan: Well, that's natural after feeling betrayed by someone you thought you could trust--

Charlotte: No, I mean I really don't feel good... I think my water just broke. o_O

Thomas: Hey darlin', whatsup?

Charlotte: Ooohhhhhhh, contractiooooonnnnn....

Rowan: *calmly eats his fish taco*

Thomas: Contraction? You mean it's baby timez? Oh crap! What do we do? Do we go to the hospital? Can a baby be born here? What do I doooo?!

Rowan: Noob.

Charlotte is one tough cookie, let me tell you. She washed everyone's dishes before going into labor.

Charlotte: Well somebody's gotta do it. OOWWWW!!

Charlotte: *huff puff* When I imagined having this baby, I didn't imagine it in the kitchen! *huff puff*

Too late now! It's time for that baby to come out NAO!

Aaaaaaand butterfly onsie spells "It's a Girl!" Please welcome Daisy Taylor to the family! I've decided to give all the children in this generation nature themed names, in keeping with their parents' love of the outdoors. ^_^

Daisy looks sleepy in this shot, lol. So frickin' adorable. ^_^

Happy Simming!