Friday, June 5, 2015

**Generation 2 TH Contestants**

With Martin moments away from aging into a YA, I've decided to pause the game for a few days to give everyone a chance to vote on who they think should carry on the torch. Let's take a look at our contestants:

Martin Taylor
Child Trait: Self Assured
Child Aspiration: Whiz Kid
Child Aspiration Completed: No (level 2)
Teen Trait: Loner
Adult Aspiration: Public Enemy
Favorite Autonomous Activities: Trolling Teh Forums, Searching for Penpals on the computer, and telling dramatic stories

The oldest of the Taylor children. Precocious and somewhat sneaky as a child. An independent teenager. Quite charming, despite his aspiration of being disliked by everyone. Olivia Spencer-Kim-Lewis is a possible future spouse, though they have never officially hung out (she has the Childish and Goofball traits).

Charlotte Taylor
Child Trait: Loner
Child Aspiration: Rambunctious Scamp
Child Aspiration Completed: No (level 2)
Teen Trait: Loves the Outdoors
Adult Aspiration: Freelance Botanist
Favorite Autonomous Activities: Watching romantic comedies, playing Sims Forever, hanging out with mom, and grilling outside

The 2nd born and youngest of the Taylor children. Quite independent as a child, and spent most of her time playing outside (when not torturing her older brother). Quite snarky, she can hold her own in a contest of wit. Possesses somewhat of a romantic side. Kirk Slack (Active) and Leon Slone (Active, Insane) are possible future spouses, though Leon is the only one she's ever hung out with, and nothing romantic so far.

Let the voting begin!!

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