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Chapter 1.6 Smells Like Teen Derpage

Aaaaaand we're back! I've got a LOT of ground to cover, and I would've had this done yesterday except I ended up losing half of what I wrote and now have to start over (*headdeskheaddeskheaddesk*) So with a cup 'o coffee in hand, LET'S DO THIS!

This chapter starts off with a promotion: Morgan is now an Advice Columnist!

Morgan: Yaaayyyy!

However, she is still unable to get that last bestseller written for her aspiration completion.

Morgan: Booooo!

Hopefully she can find enough time to do that, but for now she's going to sweat it out on the treadmill.

Morgan: Eye of the tiger, baby!

Paige: Hey, nice gym you got down here!

Morgan: Thanks! You should try it out with me sometime.

Paige: What're you trying to say?

Morgan: Nothing. :}

Claws out already? Yeesh, calm down; we just started this chapter.

Despite receiving an epic wedgie from a bully at school, Martin came home in a Flirty mood because of a compliment he received from a cute classmate.

Charlotte: Hey what about me? I got bullied too today! Only I snuck that "Kick Me" sign right back onto that loser's back. Heh, sucker.

Apparently, today was "Pick On My Simmies" day. >_<

I though I would take advantage of Martin's flirty mood by inviting some victims passersby over to see if he'd hit it off with anyone.

Why hello Olivia Spencer-Kim-Lewis! And.... random stripes/plaid guy.

Ooh, Kirk Slack is pretty cute. Charlotte may still be a child, but she should be aging into a teen soon. #futureprospects

Morgan: Hey guys! I have a teenage son at home who needs a friend. Care to come over?

Olivia: ... is she seriously trying to set us up with her kid?

Kirk: Not me, you.

Morgan: No, you too. I've got a daughter who should be aging into a teen any day now...

Kirk: o_O

If sims legacies were real life, amirite? XD

Morgan: Paige, what are you doing? Stop it! I'm trying to have company over and you're scaring them away!

Paige: Somehow, I doubt I'm to blame for that.

Well, they ended up not coming over, but there wouldn't have been much time for socializing anyway; It's Morgan's birthday!

Adulthood never looked so good!

Hey what do you know; someone's actually using the gym for something other than just watching the TV!

Except it's 1:00 in the morning. >_<

Oh ok, that's fine, you don't need to go to bed. A nap on your mother's bed while she's sleeping is totally ok.


Rowan: Ahh, nothing spells Saturday mornings quite like breakfast and homework.

Martin: I thought early morning cartoons spelled Saturday mornings?

Rowan: You have much to learn, young one.

Charlotte: Hey Mom, on my birthday can I have strawberry cake too?

Morgan: Sure thing, honey.

Charlotte: Sweet! And a huge party?

Morgan: Sure thing, honey.

Charlotte: Awesome! .... and a car?

Morgan: *I* don't even have one, so no.

Charlotte: Dang it.

Nothing to see here; just Morgan chopping some vegetables. With a sharp knife. In a puddle of water. Next to a sparking refrigerator. I'm sure that's ok....

The autonomous flirting between these two never ceases to be adorable. <3

Martin: Does it? *retches*

Martin always has a dramatic story to tell. This one seems especially riveting.

Martin: ... and that's where babies come from. True story.

Rowan: Martin, you say things.

Charlotte: Cool! Can I do that?

Rowan and Martin: NO.

Charlotte: Dang it.

Charlotte is turning into quite the rambunctious scamp! Unfortunately, she is forever stuck at the 2nd milestone of her child aspiration because sims never practice typing autonomously. No biggie though; I don't tend to put stock into child aspirations unless the reward trait could somehow help them in the future. Charlotte is somewhat of a wild card for me still.

Speaking of.... are you ready for your birthday, Charlotte?

Charlotte: You bet! Maybe I can finally get that car.

All: NO.

Charlotte: Dang it!

Geez, no wonder the saying goes, "Everything but the kitchen sink." Nobody wants the kitchen sink because it's always broken.

Rowan, why does it look like you're trying to make Martin pee his pants?

Rowan: .... and that's really where babies come from.

Martin: o_O

Birthday timez! There was much celebrating and hoopla.

Hmm, I think I'll call this one the Strawberry Cake Birthday Suit, lol. I agree, Charlotte; let's give you a makeover.

Much better! Let's see what she rolled:

Child Trait: Loner
Teen Trait: Loves the Outdoors
Adult Aspiration: Freelance Botanist

Hey, not bad! Those things actually go together. I can work with that.

I figured it was time for the kids to get better bedrooms, so here's a quick tour of Charlotte's room:

I gave Martin's room a makeover too:

You may have noticed that it looks like I switched their rooms. I did this to create extra space for a computer in Martin's room. He's always hogging the family computer, which means Morgan hasn't been able to do any writing for her aspiration.

Speaking of which, I think it's time for Morgan to take a vacation day from her work to write that last book.

Morgan: Today's the day, Model Rocket. I'm gonna write that bestseller. I can feel it in my bones.

Model Rocket: Go get 'em, Tiger.

So with the kids off to school for the day, and a kiss for luck from her husband, Morgan settled down for (hopefully) her last writing session.

I'd like to think that Rowan is just cheering her on, but somehow, I doubt that's the case.

Rowan: Boogie timez! BOOGIE!!

Typing typing typing typing typing typing typing typing....

... and DONE! You're looking at a newly accomplished Bestselling Author!

I thought about choosing Master Chef for her next aspiration since her Cooking and Gourmet skills are so high, but I ended up going with Big Happy Family. She automatically got placed into the 2nd milestone, and I figure it'll be the easiest aspiration to finish autonomously.

And now I'm sad because I'm thinking of the day when Morgan is no longer my TH. :'(

Morgan: Freedom is so close, I can taste it!

I can see you're torn up about it. >_<

In celebration of Morgan's completed aspiration, I gave them a back yard with a pool! You may also notice that I put some planting boxes in the back. That is for Charlotte's aspiration, though I doubt she will do any planting on her own without any direction.

Morgan: So this is what it feels like to dance the day away? Huh, I kinda like it.

I will laugh so hard if this ends up being the first thing she does once I relieve her of torch holding duties. XD

Carnivores rejoice, for we will have steak tonight!

Olivia even stopped by for a visit. :)

.... and spent the entire time on Martin's computer. No matter, I was able to discover some of her traits: she is Childish and a Goofball. An interesting combination.

I guess Martin didn't like having a stranger in his bedroom, because he chose his parents' bed to sleep in instead, lol. As soon as Olivia left, though, I did the right thing.


This family watches a LOT of television, so when the TV broke, I just bought them a new one. A bigger, better one.

Martin: The picture is so good I can almost feel those flames!

Charlotte: I still want to watch that rom com, Love in the Time of Sandwiches.

Rowan: Overruled.

Charlotte: Dang it.

Martin is finally a straight A student! So why the angry expression, you ask? Well, according to reliable sources, teachers are stupid.

(Charlotte actually had a bad day with teachers too, but her Angry moodlet was overridden by her Love of the Outdoors moodlet. So long as she was outside, she was able to keep her cool, lol.) 

Angry poop timez. XD

Martin: I'm so angry, Imma kick this trashcan!


Now now, violence never solved anything.

Happy now?

Martin: I've never been happy.

While Martin took out his angst on inanimate objects, Charlotte continued to eat her dinner and do her homework like normal.

Even if she didn't feel like it, lol.

Model Rocket: Imma poke you in the eye.

Aww, looks like Martin calmed down enough to clean up his mess.

And just when I was about to forgive him, he goes and insults his sister. >_<

Which I don't think she appreciated too much. :P

Still angry over the day's events, Charlotte crawled into mom and dad's bed for the night.

Morgan: Oh no you don't, missy! GET OUT!

You guys, this is no joke; after getting woken up by her mother three times in a row, Charlotte would turn right around and crawl back into the bed. It was seriously starting to piss me off, but I didn't want to keep them up all night fighting it either.

I'm going to regret giving in like this, I just know it...

Poor Rowan got the short end of that deal, and had to sleep in Charlotte's bed, lol.

This chick watches a LOT of romance on the TV. Thinking about your future spouse, much?

Charlotte: Hmm, maybe someday. :)

 Well, that someday may be today. Looks like you have a visitor!

 Turns out Charlotte had already met this kid waaaaay back when I sent her and Morgan to the park. When he called to ask if he could come over, I noticed he'd already turned into a teen, so I said yes.

Leon: Hi, I'm Leon Slone, from the park that day? You must be Mrs. Taylor. I can see where Charlotte gets her good looks.

Morgan: *oh, this kid is too good* Well hello Leon. Let me see if I can find Charlotte.

Morgan: Charlotte, you remember Leon from the park that day?

Charlotte: .... who?


Charlotte had the Stranger Danger moodlet because they'd never hung out before, lol.

Despite that, they seemed to hit it off. I had Morgan leave the conversation so they could talk to each other alone.

Morgan: Muahahahaha! I am the mighty Matchmaker!

Right, because I had nothing to do with that. >_<

Charlotte had just grilled some hotdogs (that's right, the kids are cooking now ^_^ ), so Leon stuck around for lunch.

Martin, being the good older brother, tried to rudely introduce himself, but Leon held his own pretty well.

Martin: Hi stupid face! Your face is stupid!

Leon: Yer mom.

Martin: o_O

No teenager can resist the powerful influence that is Model Rocket!

Model Rocket: Mind controlling teens since 2014.

And in true visitor fashion, Leon breaks the computer before taking his leave. Thanks Leon.

When she's not watching rom coms on television, she playing Sims Forever. I <3 this kid.

What's this? Martin actually attempting to cook?

Despite all the splashing and mess making, the scrambled eggs he made weren't too shabby.

Charlotte, meanwhile, had fired up the grill and was making hamburgers.

Kids, don't text and grill. Just don't.

Martin: Hey sis, look at the scrambled eggs I made! Pretty good, huh?

Charlotte: Big deal; I made enough hamburgers for everyone.

Morgan: Aw, thanks sweetie! It's nice to come home from work and have dinner made already for once.

Charlotte: I did it just for you, Mom.  ^_^ <3 <3 <3 xoxoxo

Martin: *grumble* Show off....

I've actually had Morgan quit cooking altogether so that these kids can learn to fend for themselves before they reach Young Adulthood.

Morgan: Muahahahaha.

Oh for the love of--


Creepy teens.

Rowan: Don't mind me...

Awww poor Rowan. :(

Hopefully I won't have to put up with all this pubescent derpage much longer, because it's finally Martin's birthday!

Leon made a surprise appearance just for the occasion.

They do a lot of horsing around, but I'm convinced they have a thing for each other. They just don't realize it yet. ;)

And here is where I leave you! A poll to vote on who should be the next Torch Holder will be up shortly, as well as a summary post of the contestants. Will it be the sly but charming Martin, or the snarky but secretly romantic Charlotte?

Morgan: Don't know don't care, because this is the last time I will be cleaning this place EVAR!!

Happy Simming!

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