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Chapter 2.1 Moving and Prospect Hurdles

Welcome back everyone, to the start of Generation 2! Last we left the Taylor family, our new torch holder had just aged into a Young Adult.

Charlotte: Hey Leon? It's Charlotte. Wanna come over for my birthday? Sweet! See you soon!

Morgan: I know what you're doing there. Clever.

Charlotte: Surprise! It's actually your birthday!

Leon: It is? Awesome! *blows out candles*

I had every honest intention of marrying these two together, but then something very annoying happened....

Leon kept insulting Charlotte, repeatedly!

I guess it should come as no surprise since his second trait is Insane, but I'm not ok with her future spouse being forever stuck in autonomy, insulting her at every opportunity. He wasn't even in a bad mood.

I made the unfortunate but necessary decision to kick this guy to the curb. It was time to go spouse shopping!

But first, a move to a new neighborhood and larger home is in order. I anticipate this household getting real crowded real quick.

I wish I could claim to have built this gorgeous home, but other than some minor changes to the interior decor, I did not, lol. It's called Classic Family V3 by SimpleSim_2018. It advertised as having 4 bedrooms, but it has the potential for 6 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms!

I absolutely loved the designated corners for the garden and the gazebo. I added a wedding arch to the gazebo for later. ^_^

The living room as you walk in the front door.

View of the kitchen from the living room.

Breakfast nook, which also contains the door to the back yard.

Dining room on the other end of the kitchen.

Bird's eye view of the ground floor. As you can see, there are two extra bedrooms with a shared bathroom that I intend to use for future offspring. :)

Bird's eye view of the 2nd floor. Three bedrooms, three bathrooms, and a nursery.

Rowan and Morgan's bedroom.

Rowan and Morgan's walk-in closet.

Charlotte's bedroom.

Charlotte's bedroom, with her bathroom around the corner.

Charlotte's bathroom.

Charlotte's bathroom.

Since it was a day of new beginnings, I gave Charlotte a fresh look. :)

Did I mention that there is an awesome park next door? ^_^

I was feeling a little sorry for Martin out in the world by himself, so I moved in a girl from the gallery and set their relationship as married (I wrote down the name and creator of this sim, but for the life of me I cannot find where I wrote it. As soon as I do, I will give credit where credit is due). Little Rose Taylor here is a result of playing with their genetics. :) I was so excited to see her out at the playground.

Martin: Oh yeah, I make awesome offspring.

That you do, Martin. :)

This family is always swimming laps or eating by the pool. I love it.

 I decided to make one last little change. I figured with Morgan's youngest child now a young adult, she needed to look more her age, so I gave her the slightly grayed brown hair. Hopefully it'll make the transition from an Adult to an Elder a little smoother.

I finally sent Charlotte to the park to meet some people the day after moving in to their new home.

Oh nice. Leon is now the unofficial park bench warmer. Glad we dodged that bullet.

It wasn't until quite a few hours waiting at the park that another Young Adult finally made an entrance. And it was Kirk Slack! But why did he look so angry?

Didn't matter. I had Charlotte invite him over for a game of chess. And then this broad showed up.

Random Broad: Sooooooo why are you hanging out with this girl when you could be hanging out with me? I'm way better than her!

Kirk: Hmm, you've got a point there.

Charlotte: I will end you...

Turns out Kirk's other trait was Hates Children. That is a deal breaker in my opinion. Things were not going well today.

And Martin graces us with his presence again. ^_^

I finally saw this guy and thought he didn't look too bad, so I sent Charlotte over for a chat.

 His name was Pierre Jennings. Even though he was an Adult already, I was losing patience and didn't feel like waiting for more YA no-shows.

Charlotte: Hmm, he's a Goofball, so not a bad start...

Upon asking was his line of work was, though, I discovered he was a mail carrier. Which means he's the mailman. Which means he's an NPC. Which means I can't reach him at all, not even over the phone.


No luck was to be had on the first day of spouse hunting. I let Charlotte do what she wanted the rest of the day to relax before trying again tomorrow.

All this swimming is keeping everyone looking fit and lean! I don't think I'm letting go of this pool anytime soon.

Not many things are sadder than eating at an 8-seat dining table by yourself. :/

 Rowan was getting on into his Elder years, so I figured this was as good a time as any to have him retire. He has the perfect home to spend his last days relaxing in. I just hope I can get him some grandnooboos before he kicks the bucket.

Rowan: Nonsense! I'm going to live forever!

.... right....

You guys, I'm not kidding. I sent her out the next day to meet some YAs, and there were none. Nada. Zip. Zilch. A quick peak into my Manage Households informed me that absolutely everyone in this town is an Adult or Elder. >_<

I was at the end of my rope, and I did the one thing I swore I'd never do.

I downloaded a sim from the gallery and placed him in the world for her to meet.

This is her knocking on his door right now.

I know, I am a weak, weak woman.

Charlotte: So here's the deal. I've been all over this town looking for a proper husband, and you are my last hope. Are you up to it?

Thomas: Well I guess I have no choice, ma'am.  Let's do this!

Meet cowboy Thomas Jenkins! He is a Family Oriented Music Lover who Loves the Outdoors, and his aspiration is also to be a Freelance Botanist. (shout out goes to Mindofy for the creation)

Charlotte could already tell this was meant to be; an appealing personality and crazy good looks. Yeehaw! I didn't want to rush it, though. They reached friend status on their first day meeting, but nothing romantic yet.

Between the gardening and fishing I plan on making her do, I don't think I'll be getting Charlotte a day job. Maybe later if she completes her aspiration, but for now she's perfectly happy to spend her days outside in her garden.

Meat by-product is part of this nutritious breakfast!

Charlotte was feeling pretty confident the next day, so I invited Thomas over for a visit.

Thomas: 'scuse me, hawt cowboy coming through...

Thomas: Darlin' this sure is a nice place you got here.

Charlotte. .... don't you have any swim clothes?

Thomas: You're lookin' at them. These boots and blue jeans are all I need.

Charlotte: It's a good thing you're fun to look at.

Charlotte: *He may be special in the head, but he's a keeper* Wanna go on a date?

Thomas: Sure!

(For the record, he actually did attempt to change into swim clothes before entering the pool, but it was just the same outfit. I couldn't stop laughing. XD )

 Where else do you send two lovers-of-the-outdoors on a date, but to the park? ;)

Charlotte: Alright, let's lay down some ground rules. One, you are absolutely getting some swim trunks. Two, as soon as we get married I plan on having lots and lots of nooboos, so that means lots and lots of woohoo timez. I need to know that you can keep up. Three, .... are you still listening?

Thomas: Sorry, all I heard was "Woohoo timez" and... well, that's about it.

Charlotte: Men.

It wasn't all business for very long. They were flirting and gazing into each others eyes in no time.

Things were going so well in fact, that Charlotte decided to take the plunge on their first kiss.

I think they both liked it. :)

A lot. ^_^

Thomas: Meat by-product? How did you know that's my favorite food?

Charlotte: I didn't.

Thomas: I think I love you.

Charlotte: *blushes*

The first date was a smashing success, and they got the gold status with all the rewards that come with it. :D

And here's Martin's wife, Bella, I was telling you about! I just happened to see her walk by, looking quite snazzy in a hot pink dress.

I was feeling so pleased with the success of Charlotte and Thomas's first date that I almost didn't notice this happening when I sent Charlotte back home....

.... are those weird lights?

.... oh no.....

Seriously?!? Not this again!

Morgan: How did they find me??? AAAARRRRGGGHHH!!!

That is twice now that Morgan has been abducted. Twice! And what was Rowan, her alien husband, doing while all this was going down?

Rowan: Derp de deerrrrr, just swimming, happy little strokes...

He was swimming. In the pool. Right next to where Morgan was getting abducted. Not paying any attention. Like a schmuck.

So understandably, Morgan came back Angry this time around.

Morgan: I just got abducted and probed again, and what did that husband of mine do? NOTHING!

Morgan: *grrr* *grumblemutter* *angry laps* *growl*

Funny thing; every time she would try to yell at him, he'd interrupt her with a kiss or a flirtatious move. Autonomy is a funny thing.

Rowan: Killin' with kindness, baby!

She eventually cooled off and thought nothing more of it. *shakes head* Silly sims.

These sims seriously love their personal tea brewer. I'd take coffee over tea any day, but I can understand the addiction.

I can't tell if Morgan is reciting love poetry or casting a spell on Rowan, lol.

Morgan: My love is like a red, red rose... that will crush you next time your ignore me in my hour of need...

Part of Charlotte's daily morning routine lately has been tending her garden. Gardening is a lot easier in TS4 than it was in TS2. In this game the sim automatically knows which plants need watering. In TS2 I was always guessing and over-watering which made my plants wilt.

And just like that, Charlotte completed her first milestone with no problem! Now she just has to reach Gardening level 4 and evolve 5 different plants. So far this has been a pretty easy aspiration.

Well, I suppose if I'd stayed up all night swimming, I'd be pretty exhausted too.

Charlotte: I'm done wasting time; it's time to seal the deal!

While Charlotte's parents slept the day away, she called Thomas over for a very special purpose.

They both seemed pretty excited when she asked him to be her boyfriend, so I figured, to hell with formalities...

Charlotte: Thomas, you are simply the coolest cowboy I know, and I think we were made to be together.

Charlotte: Will you marry me and help me carry on this crazy, idiotic legacy of mine?

Thomas: Yeehaw! Will do, ma'am!

We have an engagement, folks!

You are all formally invited to the wedding party of Charlotte Taylor and Thomas Jenkins!

Tune in next time, and Happy Simming!

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