Sunday, June 14, 2015

Chapter 1.7 The Passing of the Torch: A Minisode

Morgan: So Charlotte, how does it feel to be the future Torch Holder?

Charlotte: Eh, I knew I would win. I'm awesome.

Morgan: Well, enjoy these final days of freedom. It'll be the last you'll see for a while.

This was when I noticed I had inadvertently given Morgan and Charlotte the same swim suit, lol. I changed Morgan's swim outfit later.

Also, sims can eat on the side of the pool? How fantastic is that? ^_^

Time to bake another cake, Morgan. It's Martin's birthday!

Morgan: So close. I was so close to freedom...

Yeah yeah, I know. Just a few more days until Charlotte's birthday.

Morgan: It cannot get here soon enough.

Martin: Hmm, what do I wish for? I know; a puppy! No wait, pistols! Wait wait, I know; puppies with pistols! This is gonna be sweet...

Martin: However, pandas are endangered, and puppies aren't. Maybe I should get pistols for pandas? They need all the firepower they can get....

Decide already so I can roll your final trait!! Geez!

Morgan sings his birthday praises while Martin makes his dreams (or delusions) come true.

He rolled Materialistic for his final character trait. Let's take one final look at his stats before releasing him into the world:

Martin Taylor
Child Trait: Self Assured
Teen Trait: Loner
Adult Trait: Materialistic
Aspiration: Public Enemy

After getting him a job in the Criminal career (he automatically got placed in the 3rd tier. Not bad!) and another makeover, I sent him out to find his fortune. Or his sanity. Or whatever.

So long, Martin! I'm a little sad to see him go. He's quite the looker.

I have uploaded Martin to the gallery for anyone who would like to play him. My origin ID is SolarCat85.

Charlotte: With Martin gone, I can finally confiscate his computer. Muahahahaha.

Heck, with all the money Morgan's getting in royalties, I can buy you all the computers you want. I'm considering moving them all onto a bigger lot with a bigger house, but I'll need just a little more money before I can do that.

That's right, he's swimming at 4:30 in the morning. Because logic.

I'll still take that over the constant dancing any day. At least he's building some much needed Fitness skill for his career. No one ever uses the gym I put in the basement. :(

Model Rocket: So, your birthday is coming up. How do you feel about getting older?

Rowan: No worries. I'm an alien, remember? I'm going to live forever.

Model Rocket: ... right.

It would seem Model Rocket's logic enhancing abilities only work on the young ones. >_<

Morgan: Ugh, I thought I was done with this crap already!

Kicking out non TH's is always so anticlimactic when they come back for a visit the very next day.

Rowan: Don't care because offspring hugz. <3

D'aww. :}

Morgan: None of them even use this gym! Grrr....

Morgan finally maxing out her Cooking skill while taking her frustrations out on some meat.

She's quite the connoisseur in the kitchen now.

Morgan: This stir fry is awesome. I'm awesome. Charlotte, you really should try this stir fry.

Charlotte: No thanks, I've got OJ already.

Morgan: Oh well, doesn't matter. That was the last time I was going to cook anything ever anyway.

Charlotte: Say what?

Morgan: Nothing. :}

Morgan can't help but rub it in every chance she can get.

Morgan: Hey, she has no idea what's coming. Being TH sucks hairy monkey ballz.

So good to know her mother's got her back.

Can't wait to be done with this teenage bedtime foolishness.

She woke up early from being 2 hours away from bladder failure. Serves her right, lol.

Thaaaaaaaat's better. :)

This cocky pose is brought to you by a (finally!) new promotion! Rowan is now the Command Center Lead.

Rowan: Oh yeah, I look good.

With the promotion came this new career focusing object!

Blueprints: 'Sup.

Morgan: Hey, you know what we should do before I join you in autonomy?

Rowan: What's that?

Morgan: Woohoo timez, silly! Watcher knows we'll never do it like bunny rabbits on our own, so better get to it now!

Rowan: Uh, ok! :}

Rogan: Woohoo!!!!

Yet another birthday cake means yet another birthday. Time for Rowan to age into an Elder!

Rowan: I wish I had a better back, I wish I had a better back....

Rowan: Owwww, my back!

Other than a few wrinkles, Rowan looks as fabulous as ever.

And despite his bad elder back, he's still got that swing.

Rowan: Boogie! *ow* Boogie! *ow* Boogie! *ow*...

Charlotte: Well Model Rocket, we've had a good run.

Model Rocket: We sure have, miss.

Charlotte: Who are you going to mind control when I'm no longer a teenager?

Model Rocket: Well, I've always wanted to try my hand at ventriloquy.

Charlotte: ......... good luck with that. o_O

Morgan cranks out one more book, bringing her total amount in royalties to about $6,000, give or take a few hundred.

That shower is looking a little dingy.

Morgan: Who cares?! It's finally BIRTHDAY TIMEZ!!

I wanted to have a big party for the occasion, but Morgan had to be at work later that day, plus the house is kind of small, so I figured I wait and have a big bash for Charlotte's wedding later.

Morgan: Here's lookin' at you, Watcher.

You've been a good TH and founder. Enjoy Autonomy Land for me. :)

The moment of truth! Charlotte tastes some frosting before blowing out the candles....

Everyone please give a warm welcome to Generation 2's new TH: Charlotte Taylor!

She rolled Self Assured as her final trait, which she most likely inherited from Rowan.

Charlotte Taylor
Child Trait: Loner
Teen Trait: Loves the Outdoors
Adult Trait: Self Assured
Aspiration: Freelance Botanist

Stay tuned for the next update, where Charlotte gets a makeover, I run into future spouse hunting problems, and move everyone to a new home. ^_^

And as always, Happy Simming!


  1. I love your ISBI so far, the way you tell it is really compelling and your sims are all great. Can't wait to see how Charlotte does as TH!

    1. Thank you! I have lots of fun playing this family. The spontaneous things they do keeps me guessing. :)