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Chapter 1.1 Taking the Plunge

Hello fellow Simmers, and welcome to my 2nd Legacy Challenge blog! For those of you not familiar with this type of challenge, I'll be posting the actual set of rules on the Rules page shortly, but the long and short of it is this: create a sim, get them started on a lot (doesn't necessarily have to be done in legacy challenge fashion with lawn living and the suit of armor, though you can do that if you wish), and control *only* that sim. No matter how many other sims are married, born, or invited into the household, you are only allowed to control that one sim (typically referred to at the Torch Holder, or TH). There are, of course, other rules stating who is eligible for THness, minimum number of kids to have, etc., which can all be found here as well as on the Rules tab.

This challenge is going to be a huge step for me, as I have always been a micromanager of all my simmies, ever since my TS1 days. In the words of Lynnwood's post on the Sims 4 forums, "The ultimate goal is to survive 10 generations of sims while only controlling one sim at a time..." Hence, the title ISBI Challenge (aka I Am Surrounded By Idiots) I'm hoping this will be a very freeing experience and not a hair-pulling nightmare. I tried this only one other time and failed immediately because I married in a sim who had an aspiration that I had not tried before, and ended up directing him to go do something in regards to his aspiration.


This time I am bound and determined to see this thing until the end (or until all my sims die of bladder failure or excessive derpage). So, without further ado, please welcome my ISBI challenge founder: Morgan Taylor!

Morgan: 'Sup.

I've set her personality as Loner, Bookworm, and Creative, with the idea of keeping her at home to write and publish books while doing various chores around the house like taking care of future nooboos. Hopefully, the royalties from her books will support the family while her future spouse works the day job scene.

Morgan: Um, excuse me, but am I seriously expected to do all this *by myself*?

Of course not! That would be cruel. We're going to find you a nice idiot to marry so you can carry all of his idiot children.

Morgan: I have a very bad feeling about this...

First things first, I set Morgan on a starter lot and downloaded a nice little 2 bedroom starter home for her to move into (kudos to ruthless_kk for the house!)

I made a few minor design changes to the interior:

Now that Morgan's little slice of heaven is squared away, I sent her to the library to meet some eligible bachelors, as well as to do some writing for her Bestselling Author aspiration.

A bookworm among books, she should really be in her element,

except for all the strangers around her, lol. The Loner trait is always amusing, as I find the Stranger Danger negative moodlet only mildly annoying.

That 'stache, though. :-/ Definitely spells creeper.

When she first got there, it was a huge Adult/Elderfest. Not one Young Adult in sight. After a couple of hours though, I spied this little cutie walking by outside.

Morgan: Ugh, hi. I'm Morgan. Ugh.

Is your eye twitching?

Morgan: ... no. I'm just, so... happy... I can't contain myself...

That's some serious Stranger Danger in action right there friends. After a bit of socializing, she definitely relaxed. She discovered his name was Mauricio, and that he had the Gloomy trait. Hmm. Haven't played with that one yet.

In the middle of their conversation, this guy decided to join them. His name was also Morgan. Morgan 2 was in a Sad mood, but at least his first trait, Ambitious, was something I could live with.

Morgan: I am *not* marrying a guy with the same name as me. Totally weird.

Ok fine. On to the next bachelor!

But first, a snack break.

Morgan: Hey, I'm not a bad cook for having zero cooking skill.

Morgan: Mmm, meat byproduct...

One of her first milestone tasks was to write for 1 hour while Inspired, so I took advantage of her trait-granted Inspired moodlet to do some writing.

She managed to accomplish this, but ran out of time to meet anymore possible spouses before becoming very fatigued, so I sent her home for a good night's rest.

Sooo, what happened to you being a good cook?

Morgan: Eggs are so weird. They involve pans and burners and stirring and salt... way more complicated than just grilling meat.

Well, enjoy your salty eggs. Today we're going to the park for a change of scenery!

Seriously? We go to the park, full of interesting people, and you sit down to play chess with the gardener?

Morgan: Hey, it's a sport that challenges the mind, plus there's no talking allowed.

Well too bad, because you're introducing yourself to this guy right now.

Morgan: Aww man...

But first, a word from Cassandra Goth.

Cassandra: Uuuggggghhhh.......

Cassandra was apparently very Bored, so that was literally all she did during the conversation, when not talking about her outfit. Teenagers.

Morgan: You seem like a nice guy, and I like your tie. Wanna hang out sometime?

Rowan: Uh, sure!

Cassandra: Uuuuuuugggggghhhhhhh....

We discovered this guy's name was Rowan Beck, and one of his traits is Self-Assured. Not a bad start.

I had Morgan immediately invite this guy over as soon as she got home.

A few hours of TV watching and schmoozing later, we break out the flirtatious interactions.

Everything went flawlessly. ^_^

It is also at this point that the game sends me a new notification that I've never seen before.

"Morgan has discovered that Rowan Beck is an Alien! The disguise seemed perfect, except for that one rather, well, alien detail.


What the deuce???

D00dz! He's glowing PINK!

Apparently, this guy's alien feature is that he glows whenever he's feeling a strong emotion (pink for Flirty, green for Happy, etc.) I already knew that aliens were a new race introduced in the Get to Work expansion, but had no idea you could just meet them on the street! It reminded me very much of the '90s sitcom 3rd Rock from the Sun, which I just recently finished binge watching on Netflix.

Soooo it would seem Morgan doesn't care that Rowan's an alien. Works for me!

Morgan: I really really really like you, Rowan. Wanna date?

Rowan: Uh, sure!

Morgan: Sweet! Wanna sleep over tonight?

Rowan: Uh, sure!

Morgan: Sweet! We should totally woohoo tonight!

Rowan: Woo-what?

Morgan: Aww, you're cute. Here, I'll show you...

Rowan: Wahoo!!!

Morgan: It's *woo*hoo, dear.

Rowan: Oh, right. Woohoo!!!

No trying for babies yet. That one was just for kicks. :)

Next morning, Morgan made them both a nice dish of salty eggs for breakfast.

I took the opportunity to get to know Rowan a little more, and discovered his 2nd personality trait: Materialistic. I can work with that.

Morgan: Soooooo I really really like you, and last night was awesome. Wanna move in with me?

Rowan: Uh sure!

I know it makes for more challenging gameplay to delete the $20,000 that comes when you move in a townie to your household, but I felt like I really needed the boost here at the beginning, so I gave the house a makeover with some better furniture and appliances:

In the future I plan on deleting those funds, but for now it's nice having a fridge that won't give all your leftovers that... leftover, smell.

The house wasn't the only thing to get a makeover. :)

Rowan: My gawd, I'm GORGEOUS!

You guyz. This is probably the hottest 1st gen spouse I've ever married into a legacy family, LOL.

Speaking of marriage...

Morgan: Rowan, you are absolutely the least idiotest of guys (well, aliens) I know, and I don't think I can live another day without you!

Morgan: Will you marry me and let me carry all your alien nooboos?

Rowan: Uh, YES!

These two are super adorable! We just need to work on Rowan's personality a bit. It's like he's never been human before.

Oh, right. Alien. :P

In keeping tradition with most 1st Gen legacies, their wedding was a private one, since I spent most of their simoleons on their home, lol.

Despite the casualness of eloping, they made it look beautiful and effortless. ^_^


Please welcome Rowan Beck into the Taylor family!

Aspiration: Computer Whiz
Personality Traits: Self-Assured, Materialistic, Goofball

Rowan/Morgan (Rogan? LOL): Woohoo!!!

Tune in next time when we get down to the nitty gritty of ISBI living; will Rowan make common sense decisions to keep himself (and his family) sane, or will the derpage be too much and take over?

Happy Simming! ^_^

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