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Chapter 1.3 Rowan Beck's Day Off

Aaaaaaaaand we're back! Last chapter we said a very happy hello to Baby Martin the Martian. ^_^ Let's see what they're up to:

Rowan: Don't mind me, I'm just having a celebratory glass of milk after becoming a father!

Oh ok, sure. Just don't mind that broken sink behind you. Morgan can get that. Right after she recovers from GIVING BIRTH TO YOUR ALIEN SON.


These two took a very cute nap together right after delivery. :)

Morgan is a super mom! She would almost always initiate interactions with baby Martin before I could direct her. :)

Morgan: What exactly is that husband of mine doing anyway?

Well, to be fair, he is working on a daily task for his job. Usually you'll find him watching TV or dancing to stereo music, so this is at least a step in the right direction.

Rowan: Hey, I pull my weight around here! See? I'm taking out the trash like a good helper.

That is one useful thing all my NTHs like to do; take out the trash. Eh, can't complain.

This little guy is a serious cutie, and always so happy! He hardly ever cries except when hungry or dirty.

I figured it was about time to fix up his nursery so he didn't wake up both his parents at night.

Rowan came over to console his son at one point while he was crying, but it took him a little while to figure out what to do.

Rowan: *sniffs* What's that awful smell?

Rowan: OH. Right. *changes diaper*

Rowan: Honey, you are simply the awesomest gal around. I'm so lucky to have you, and I don't deserve you. You really are the best!

Morgan: You're still changing the diapers.

Rowan: Poop.

Rowan did a fairly good job at sharing the baby duties (and doodies XD ). Here he is feeding Martin early in the morning so Morgan can get some sleep.

Again, a fairly common scene; Morgan working on another book, while Rowan dances the night day away.

Oh yeah! Morgan just sold her 1st bestseller! She's also completed her 2nd milestone, so now she must write 5 Excellent books and publish 10. She's up to about $750 in royalties now, half of which is just from one book.

Rowan looks a little like Mike Rowe in this shot.

Rowan: Hi, I'm Rowan Beck. And this is my job. #somebodysgottadoit

Morgan enjoying a moment of solitude. Being a Loner rawks at times. For instance, right now she's benefiting from the being alone moodlet, which is boosting her Inspired mood. :)

Uh oh. Looks like we ran out of meals in the fridge for Rowan to pull from. Now he's trying to cook eggs and toast with no cooking skill. :/

Rowan, if you set my kitchen on fire, I will end you.

Rowan: Don't worry, I got this!


Rowan: See? Piece of cake. :)

Shut up. >_<

Paige likes to come over to visit about every other day now. She and Morgan are becoming pretty good buddies.

Paige: So what's it like being married to an alien?

Morgan: ... let me put it this way. I am never bored.

Paige: Cool!

Guess who's birthday it is?? :-D

After giving Martin a birthday makeover, I take a closer look at his features.

Aww he's so cute! He's got his mother's eyes and hair ^_^

Martin Taylor
Child Trait: Self-Assured (gets that from his daddy)
Child Aspiration: Whiz Kid

I got started right away on helping Martin reach that first milestone in his aspiration: play 3 games of chess, and read with an adult for 2 hours. I used Morgan to select the chess table and "Play Game With..." to get Martin to come over.

Morgan: Pfft. This kid thinks he's cheating and getting away with it? I'll show him. Watch this....

Morgan: Look Martin, a Llamacorn!

Martin: Ooh, where??

Martin: Heeeyyy, there's nothing behind me but the house!

Morgan: Llamacorn, house, what's the difference? You knew what I meant. Nothing to see here. What? I dunno. Somebody's saying stuff...


Reading to your child for 2 hours would be a lot simpler if it weren't broken up into 30 minute increments. This is taking a lot longer than it should.

I took advantage of Plan Outfits to redo Rowan's wardrobe. As cool as they are, I was getting a little tired seeing Rowan in nothing but those glowing spacesuits.

Martin did a good job figuring out which bed was his, so I didn't have to direct him to it, even though it is one of the permitted actions to assign beds once.

He also managed to make it to school on time by himself. Not a bad start.

This left the morning open for some very much needed alone time for these two. :)

Morgan: You know, with Martin finally off to school, I think it's time we try for another nooboo. *waggles eyebrows*

Rowan: Does that mean more woohoos?

Morgan: Uh, yeah?

Rowan: Then YES!

Rogan: Woohoo!!!

This must be the sim version of pillow talk. XD

Yes! We've got a confirmed sighting on confetti! Morgan immediately and autonomously went to Share Big News with Rowan. Aww.

Unfortunately, Rowan was on his way to work when she decided to tell him she was pregnant, which completely cancelled is Going To Work action from his cue. So here he is, chilling at the computer, playing hooky and completely ignoring the glowing red work icon and his ever-ringing phone. My first NTH failure to go to work.


Awww, poor Martin. Apparently, he dropped his tray in front of the entire school cafeteria on his first day, so he was Embarrassed and hid from the world as soon as he got home. :(

Morgan couldn't wait to tell Martin about his new brother or sister, though. He seemed pretty stoked. :)

Rowan: Don't mind me. Just dancing here. Carry on.

Rowan: Here son, try this move.

Martin: Like this?

Rowan: No, more like this...

Martin: Like this?

Rowan: There you go! Watch the master, and you will be the coolest kid in school in no time!

Paige: What're they doing now?

Morgan: Teaching each other dance moves. See? Never. Bored.

Paige: Amazing!

Whew! It wasn't until the following day, but Rowan finally made it to work on time. The previous day's blunder didn't seem to make any affect on his work performance. Probably because I couldn't answer his phone that kept ringing off the hook.

I probably wouldn't have been nearly so frustrated except that he didn't do *anything* productive. He literally danced all day. >_<

Poor Martin came home from school stressed again (might have something to do with me making him work hard every day to make up for him *never* doing his homework). Nothing like a good gaming session to keep the stress down.

This kid is so good at cleaning up after himself. He takes out the trash as much as any other NTH, plus he regularly does the dishes if I forget to drag them into the sink. :)

Eating, socializing, and TV watching all at the same time. TS4 multitasking FTW!

Martin: Love you, Mom! You're the best!

Awww! This kid warms my cockles ^_^

Morgan: BLEEEEEECH! Ugh, not this again *burp*

Morgan's gotten morning sickness almost every day on both pregnancies. This chick has got it rough.

Yeah, that's pretty much the same expression I get when eating mac 'n cheese.

Mmm, cheeeeeeeeze.

(Ignore the fact that I went straight from morning sickness to cheese, LOL)

Morgan: And so, the last Llamacorn, with the promise to return someday, spread his wings and took off into the sunset. The End.

Martin: Wow, that was awesome. I hope I get to see a Llamacorn someday!

Morgan: I'll be sure to point one out next time we play chess.

Morgan: Uuuuugh, third trimester pee pee visits suuuuuuuuck...

Poor thing has to pee. All. The time. I've taken to just sending her to the toilet in between other tasks even if her bladder need isn't low.

Martin finally completed his first milestone for the Whiz Kid aspiration! Unfortunately, his next one involves reaching level 5 Mental skill and finishing homework two times while Focused. I'm not worried about the Mental skill; I've sold the family stereo to get rid of distractions (Martin: Awww! :( ). It's the finishing homework that'll be a problem. I have yet to see Martin do his homework autonomously even once. I don't have any Focusing objects yet, so I might have to look into which one I can obtain the quickest.

Morgan suddenly went into labor while publishing another one of her books.

Morgan: Ooowwwwwww! Why do alien babies hurt so much??

Hey, you don't even know yet if it's an alien baby or not! Giving birth just sucks in general, lol.

Rowan: It's nooboo timez! Everybody panic!

Rowan: ... right after I take this selfie!


I had Morgan take a nap through most of her labor so I could speed things up.

Morgan: Uuuugghhh, get this thing out of me already!

Martin: Hey, what's wrong with Mom?

Rowan: Son, what you are about to see is what is called the miracle of life.

Martin: Awesome! Can I watch??

Morgan: ... please Watcher, I am about to murder this family...

Bahahaha!! Don't worry, you're almost done!

Everyone say a very happy hello to....


Baby Charlotte!!! Another alien baby!!

And despite being a girl, she still gets the green/black alien onesie, lol.

Charlotte is named after my favorite character from this classic childhood story, Charlotte's Web by E. B. White.

Another sweet alien face. ^_^

Happy Simming!!

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