Sunday, May 24, 2015

Chapter 1.2 Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft

Welcome back! I seriously can't wait to show you what happens in this chapter, so let's get crackin'!

Here we find Morgan diligently writing the first of 5 Good books she needs for her 2nd milestone in the Bestselling Author aspiration.

Here we find Rowan going to bed for the night. At 4:30 in the afternoon. Because derp.

I didn't want Rowan waking up at midnight, so I decided to cut his nap short by having Morgan serve a salad for dinner. Because she's a good little wifey.


Well, it worked, lol. Trouble was, he didn't go back to bed for the night like I thought he would. Apparently he got too much sleep.

So he stayed up all night. >_<

At least he spent part of that time doing his daily task for work.

Despite being tired after an all-nighter, he was still glowing green from happiness at being a newly wed. Aww.

Morgan spent the day doing things like, writing, writing, and more writing.

Understandably, Rowan came home from work that day with his energy in the red.

So he autonomously took a nap the minute he walked in the door.

Morgan finished up her book she had been working on that day and self-published it. Her writing skill isn't quite up to level 5, so selling to a publisher isn't an option yet.

Rowan: Man, that nap sure was refreshing! Just what I needed!

Rowan: Zzzzzz....

Aaaaaaand he went right back to bed, LOL.

I had Morgan go to bed too. I wanted them to wake up early enough for fun timez before he had to go to work. *waggles eyebrows*

Ah yes, the early morning pee pee walk. Apparently aliens have this issue just as much as humans.

Morgan decided to spice things up by reciting a self-penned love poem to her beloved.

From the other side of the room.

Rowan: You have such a way with words!

Morgan: What?

Sims. :-P

Morgan: Soooooo, I think it's about time we try for a nooboo. What do you think?

Rowan: Uh, YES!

Rogan: Woohoo!!!

I had to stop the game right after the fun timez because I had to go to work IRL (booooo), so when I loaded it back up I completely forgot that they had tried for a baby, LOL. I sent Morgan to the bookshelf to analyze a book for the inspiration boost,

while Rowan went to work for the day.

This is when it occurred to me that I should probably have her take a pregger test. X-D

And confetti confirms eating for two! Unfortunately, it also confirms some morning sickness.

Thankfully it didn't seem to affect her mood much. I need her mood to stay positive if I want her books to be at least at Good status, and so far they've all been Excellent. :)

Book #2 down! And as you can see, her baby bump makes a guest appearance. ^_^

Morgan: You ready for dinner? It's salad!

Rowan: I'll be right there, honey! I've just gotta make a pit stop.

Aaaaaand then he went right to playing Tetris Blick-A-Block. Getting the whole family to sit down for a meal later might be more difficult than I thought. :-/

I make this girl take so many showers, lol. It's the quickest way to get a 4 hour Inspiration boost when not relying on her Creative trait to randomly give her one.

Morgan: Sooooo I've got a surprise for you. Guess what it is!

Rowan: Is it salad?

Morgan: Nope.

Rowan: Is it a football?

Morgan: Nope.

Rowan: ...Is it salad?

Morgan: It's a baby, silly! I'm pregnant!

Rowan: ... so where is it?

Morgan: It's a good thing you're cute.

I absolutely love his happy face at hearing the baby announcement. ^_^

Leftover 2-day old salad is a part of this complete breakfast!

It *may* be time to make something different to eat, Morgan.

Morgan: Blasphemy!

Aww, Morgan has that nice, healthy glow of a soon-to-be mom. Pregnancy really suits her--

Morgan: BLEEEEECH!! *burp*

Ah, there it is.

[sarcasm]Finally, our first broken appliance. I though this day would never come.[/sarcasm]

An acquaintance of  Morgan's, Paige, decided to come over for a visit. She mainly just played Blick-A-Block the whole time.

... when not breaking the computer. Thanks Paige. Thanks a lot.

This confident smile is brought to you by: Rowan's first promotion! And all by himself too! He is now a Module Cleaner in the Astronaut career. I would think him to be above such a position, being an alien and all, but I guess he's still undercover.

Please oh please don't electrocute yourself.

Morgan: Hey I know; let's have the pregnant lady do all the dangerous repairs while the rest of us stand around like douchenozzles!

Rowan: ... sorry, I was lost in my own awesomeness. What were you saying?

Morgan: *facepalm*

Whew! She made it without a scratch. And she got some repair parts to boot.

I love the Feel Baby interaction. They look so cute. ^_^

Still feeling energized from that nap earlier, huh?

Rowan: Oh yeah! I'm totally pumped!

....but in the bathroom?



As I watch Rowan watch TV well past his bedtime, it dawns on me that I've never played an alien in this game before. I haven't even explored any special alien interactions he might have. I took the opportunity to use him to click on Morgan (but not select anything) to see what comes up. This is what I found:

Friendly Interactions
Analyze Personality
Discuss Weird Atmospheric Pressure

Mischievous Interactions
Scare With Probe (o_O)
Memory Erase

Aw man, I would have to pick up an alien as my first gen NTH! I can't do any of this stuff. :(

Though technically, the rules do state that I am granted one free command per sim per age stage...

For no particular reason, I clicked on himself to see what would come up.

Remove Disguise
Alter Disguise


I can remove or change his appearance???

Shut up!

I couldn't resist anymore. I had to find out what his alien self looked like. So, I made the executive decision to use his free action to have him remove his human disguise.







Shuuuut uuuuuuuuup!

He looks plumming awesome!!!

I love his pointy ears, and his eyes look like there are hundreds of stars floating in them! I seriously don't know why I didn't think of this sooner.

His voice also changed from his rich human tone to a tinny, thin sound, lol.

This changes a lot of things... they're baby could end up looking like an alien. o_O

You all have to like, cyber pinky promise me, that when the heir vote comes up, you vote for the alien, so I can do all the things. X-D

Morgan: Rowan, there's something different about you. Have you lost weight?

Rowan: ... you could say that.

Morgan: Well, it's working for you! *smooches*

Morgan had zero reaction to his change of appearance, lol. Works for me. :)

If anything, she became more flirtatious. Yep, that's her, impregnated with possible alien spawn, serenading her beloved, while making a grilled cheese. Because this family is just that epic.

He's actually cleaning something on his own! Nice.

Still refuses to repair anything, though. Dork.

Morgan: I'm *always* having to do *everything* around here.

Morgan: You promised I wouldn't have to do all this by myself!

Well, technically, you've got Rowan to keep you company. X-D

Morgan: *glares*

Morgan is well into her 3rd trimester, and it shows! It's Sunday, and today's the day. She could pop any minute now.

I forgot to take a screen of her 3rd published book, so this is actually her 4th. Just one more to go to finish her 2nd milestone. She makes almost $300/day in royalties now.

And it's while she's working on this 5th book that her water decides to break.

Morgan: Gah! It's coming!

Where was Rowan today, you ask?

Neighbor: You're face is stupid!

Getting taunted by the neighbors, apparently. *facepalm*

Morgan: Ooowwwwwwww alien babies suuuuuuuuuck....

Hang in there! You need that week old salad to keep your strength up!

Rowan: Nooboo! NOOBOO!

Glad you could join us, Rowan.

I made Morgan wait out the labor so she could get the free bassinet from "social services".

Morgan: Oh gee, thanks *oowwwww!*

Here it comes! I can't help but laugh at her terrified expression, LOL.


And it is a .....



And he's wearing a space onesie! LMAO!

This generation's naming theme, I've decided, is going to be based off of favorite storybook characters from my childhood, so everyone please give a warm welcome to Martin Taylor!

Martin's name is from a character of one of my favorite books in Brian Jacques' Redwall series, Martin the Warrior.

Just look at this little guy!

I can't get enough of his sweet little face! <3

Brace yourselves for some baby pic spam!

Poor mama was so exhausted after that ordeal, lol.

And I think I'll just leave this right here. <3  ^_^

Happy Simming!