Sunday, May 31, 2015

Chapter 1.5 Of Aliens and Llamacorns

Welcome back everyone! Today we find Martin and Charlotte fending for themselves after school, since both parents now work in the afternoons. Morgan always makes sure to leave lots of prepared meals in the fridge for the kiddos.

As predicted, Charlotte did her homework right after dinner, like a good little student.

Charlotte: You know Mom made some parfait for us in the fridge, right?

Martin: Yeah, but she's not here, so it's potato chips for me!

Charlotte: I'm telling.

Martin: Then I'll tell her you cheated at the spelling bee today.

Charlotte: Touche.

Turns out Martin's hubris was his downfall. The Focused affect from the model rocket wasn't strong enough to replace his Confidence moodlet, so no homeworking from this dude.

Martin: Hey, I'm a B student now! I'm awesome!

Charlotte: Boys.

Morgan came home with a promotion to Blogger!

She also came home with this swanky new computer that gives a bonus to the Inspired mood:

Aww, how nice of you to give Morgan a Focus boost to her repair skillz.

Model Rocket: I do what I can.

Morgan's also been dabbling in the Gourmet cooking skill lately.

That pasta primavera actually look really good, lol. It's making me hungry!

Rowan: Hey kiddo! Wanna hang out?

Charlotte: Dad, it's nine o'clock at night. It's my bedtime!

Poor Rowan always has to work late, and can't seem to get his work performance high enough for a promotion. :/

Martin: I'll hang out with you, Dad!

Rowan: That's nice son, but isn't it your bedtime too?

Martin: Nah, I took a nap after school, so I'm not sleepy yet!

Rowan: .... alright, that seems legit.

Seems like Martin is turning into quite the little schemer.

These 3am mad dashes to the toilet are getting old. >_<

Charlotte, I promise you, there are no kids in the chatroom at 4:30am.

Charlotte: Says you.

Past primavera for breakfast, huh?

Charlotte: Hey, it's better than that spaghetti.

Well, you're not wrong. XD

Another bestseller! LOL - she looks so intense.

And after weeks and weeks of living in front of the computer, Morgan's writing skill is finally maxed out! She can now write biographies. I had her immortalize Rowan for her first one (do I get a point for that? If so, yay!)

Martin: Legend says that if you win three games of chess in a row, you will see a Llamacorn that night when you go to bed!

Charlotte: That's not true!

Martin: Yes it is!

Charlotte: I have yet to see you win one game of chess.

Martin: -_-

You know those days where absolutely everything in the house breaks?

Guess which day it is....

She had just fixed both the sinks when the TV broke. >_<

Rowan: Hello family, I'm home!


Lol, poor Rowan. Everyone had just gone to bed right before he got off work.

That morning after receiving Morgan's daily royalties, I figured it was high time I did some redecorating:

I had fun adding all those curtains and paintings that I normally can't afford in my other legacy families.

Charlotte: Pasta primavera is part of this balanced breakfast!

Rowan: I'm Rowan, and I approve this message.

The romance is still very much alive between these two. :)

 It didn't take long at all for Charlotte to catch up to Martin's B in school! Maybe you'll want to do your homework now, right?

Martin: No way! Why would I do homework when there's so much fun I could be having not doing homework?

Charlotte: Hey Martin, if you don't do your homework, I'm going to give you my stink cloud of cooties!

Martin: Ewwww, get off of me. MOOOOOOMM!

Martin: I promise, I already did my homework today!

Morgan: Then you'll have plenty of time to catch up on the work you didn't do yesterday.

Martin: .... how....

Morgan: I'm your mother. I know everything.

Martin: o_O

Morgan: *passes Model Rocket $20*

*whispers* Here we have a rare glimpse of the elusive Llamacorn in his natural habitat...

Unfortunately, Martin was too busy going to bed to look out his window. XD

Weekends mean extra time to work on extra credit!

Even Morgan sat down next to him to keep an eye on things, lol.

Martin: Mom, don't you trust me?

Morgan: Sweetie, you're my son, and I love you very much. Of course I don't trust you.

Martin: ... yeah alright, that's fair.

Charlotte: Dude, guess what I saw last night? A Llamacorn!

Martin: Pff, yeah right.

Charlotte: No really! I saw it walk by our house, and I swear it's horn was this big!

Martin:  Yeah, whatever. Don't believe you.

Charlotte: Ok fine, you're right. I'm kidding. There's no pulling the wool over your eyes, huh?

Martin: Nope, I'm on top of it.


Morgan showing off her mad cake baking skillz can only mean one thing: Birthday timez!

It's Rowan's day to turn into an Adult!

And he's just as handsome as ever. :)

Charlotte getting some much needed father-daughter time. :)

Ok, I will allow this dance party this one time, since it is a day of birthdays and celebration. The Watcher has spoken.

All: Yaaayyy!

Morgan is down to her last milestone! She's already earned 25,000 simoleans in royalties and reached lvl 10 Writing skill, so all that's left standing between her and Bestselling Author completion is writing 3 bestsellers. This ends up taking a lot longer than I originally thought, as she's still just one book away. :/

Morgan: Hey, you know what we haven't done in a while? *wink wink*

Rogan: Woohoo!!!

As much as these two are still very much in love, I forget sometimes to let them have fun timez if they're not making a baby, lol.

Morgan is now a Freelance Article Writer! The only reason she looks unhappy is because her hygiene is so low, lol.

More money means more nice things, which is making Rowan's Materialistic side very happy! Hopefully these newer kitchen appliances will help Morgan's gourmet dishes taste a lot better.

You are looking at the two newest A students in school! And just in the nick of time too...

... because it's Martin's birthday!

There was much celebrating and hoopla....

Alright! Martin is quite the looker! Let's take a peek at what he rolled:

Martin Taylor
Child Trait: Self-Assured
Teen Trait: Loner (another Loner in the family! I'm almost tempted to make this an exemplar trait, lol)
Adult Aspiration: Public Enemy.

.... Wut?

Not my sweet, charming Martin! Man, this aspiration is annoying, lol.

Oh well, at least he's handsome, LOL. We'll see how this goes.

Here's a glance at his redecorated room. Simple, but I like it.

Martin: Oh yeah, I'm awesome...

Good to know he hasn't lost any of his confidence.

Of course one of the first things he does is Troll Teh Forums. Only problem now is he keeps hogging the computer when I want Morgan to write. -_-

I guess even the most dastardly sims have to do their homework.

Model Rocket: Darn tootin'.

Somehow, Rowan's Go To Work action got cancelled, so now he's taking another impromptu day off to boogie his heart out. >_<

Oh, YOU again....

Martin: That's right, this is me, ignoring you. Go away.

I think he remembers how she treated him last time she was here, lol.

Soooo I'm not sure how, but I watched Martin walk out the door to go to school, and then watched him walk right back in the house not two seconds later. What is it with the men in this family always skipping work and school??

Rowan: Playing hookie FTW!


I noticed Morgan was starting to look a little more rotund than I remember, so I sent her on a jog to help keep her weight down.

It then occurred to me that I knew what to do with part of that space down in the basement:

Hopefully Rowan will use this gym on his own at some point, because he needs to get to level 2 in Fitness to get his next promotion, and right now he's only at lvl 1, and I'm pretty sure that's just from all the dancing he does in front of the stereo, lol

Yeah, Morgan's gotten a little out of shape from sitting in front of the computer all the time. :P

Later that night....

 Uh, Morgan? What're you doing up? It's only 10:30, and you just went to bed...

... why are you going outside??



Morgan woke up randomly and had the Investigate Weird Light action in her cue, which made her walk to a random location outside and get abducted by aliens. 0_0 I must've waited 2 hours for her to return, during which she kept getting random moodlets.

The UFO finally returned, and very unceremoniously  plopped her back on the ground.

If Morgan looks a little dazed, it's because she is, lol. She came back with the "Zapped and Jolted" moodlet ("from Being Abducted") which gave her a +2 to Dazed. I know in previous sims games, if a male sim got abducted, he came back impregnated, so maybe she's not pregnant? Only time will tell.

Aaaaaaand we have our first bathroom walk-in, which is saying something given all the frantic pee pee races to the bathroom that happen every. Single. Morning. In my other families where I control all the sims, they'd have already walked in on each other 20+ times by now, so the autonomy gods really are smiling upon me.

Whew! That was close. Another 15 seconds and that would've been my first bladder failure!

Martin: I'm telling you, we need another bathroom!

Rowan: No, you just need to learn to knock.

Martin: But there's too many of us now to share one bathroom!

Rowan: You'll have to take that up with your mother, though I would maybe wait to talk to her; she seemed pretty out of it this morning....

Morgan: ... I had the weirdest dream last night...

Yeah, so she woke up perfectly fine the next morning. No longer Dazed, and seemingly not impregnated. Apparently that alien abduction was just for plums and giggles.

Morgan: Wait, how do you know what my dream was about?

Because it wasn't a dream, dear.

Morgan: o_O

Happy Simming!

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